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Still Afraid
Based on a True Story

It was a lovely sunny and hot day. I was at a amusement park in Santa Clarita having a good time with my friends. After an hour,  it became the time to choose what ride to go on. We decided to go on the giant red ride gleaming in the sky. The ride looked so tall that I thought it was pointing into outer space. I decided to be a daredevil and try the ride.
I exclaimed to my friends, “Can we try this ride? The ride doesn’t look that bad.” They agreed and we hopped on the ride. The seats were different than most coasters. They were individual seaters which, meant that you ride in seat separated from the other people riding the ride by about 6 ft. The seats also had orange colored metal all over the seats for protection. I joked with my friends. “Don’t die.” As we started to lift off and climb up the rail, the park down below started to get smaller and smaller. I began to regret the choice of going on this ride. When I reached the top of the rail, the coaster came to a halting stop and I had an overview of the whole park and felt the chill of the altitude. It seemed to me that I was on top of the world. I felt a swish of wind in my face and the drop!
I hit my head against the metal bar on the seat and passed out. Then I woke up,  in the middle of a loop and not knowing what is going on around me. I got struck in the head again! Not by the metal on the seat but a piece of steel that broke of the roller coaster! When the coaster reached the ending terminal, everybody working for the park went crazy! I was laying in the coaster passed out with red blood gushing out of my head. The workers dragged me out of my seat and grabbed the first aid kit. As soon as they wrapped my head, they called 911. After ten minutes the ambulance showed up with sirens screaming and lights flashing. The paramedics loaded me into the ambulance and we drove off.
I got rushed to the closest hospital, but I was still not conscious. When I got to the hospital they took me to a operation room and immediately started to work on me. After about an hour and half I woke up and the doctor revealed that I had experienced a concussion and a cut open head after a piece of steel from the roller coaster fell onto my head. I couldn’t infer the information that he was saying because I just woke up.  The camp that I went to the park with had called my parents and they were standing right in front of me ready to ask a boulder of questions. Right away they asked. “What happened? Are you ok? How are you feeling? “ I was still in shock and not fully awake so I did not answer any questions that they  asked me.

The doctor exclaimed, “I am going to keep you overnight just to monitor how you are doing.” The next day after leaving the hospital, I muttered to myself, “Gosh, I am never doing that again.” My parents and I drove away from the hospital. To this day, I am still afraid to go on a rollercoaster ride.

What a Pain

When you feel pain in your joints around your body, that just might be arthritis.Arthritis is painful inflammation or stiffness of joints and there are 100 different types of arthritis. People of all ages can get this disease. Usually it is found in people that are 41 or older. The symptoms of this disease are stiffness of joints, pain in areas, loss of range of motion, fatigue, bump or bony outgrowth on hand or toes, and limping.
Arthritis is a disease when there is cartilage damage which leads total loss of cartilage in the end stage resulting on “bone on bone” says the article written by “Edward V. Craig, MD, MPH.”  Bone on bone means that the bone is rubbing against another bone, with nothing separating the bones from touching each other. Usually bones have articular cartilage stopping the bones from rubbing each other and the cartilage provides cushion for the bone.
Although there is no cure for this disease there are still treatments. One treatment is therapy. A couple are surgery and medications. There is also self care, which is weight loss, yoga, and physical exercise. Ways to hold off arthritis is to control your weight, avoid injury, eat fish, and drink water.
Arthritis is a disease that occurs all around the world. It is a painful disease that you would hope not to get.

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