ESBC '16

Activity 1
Images and Attribution/Creative Commons

When you want to use someones picture online, you can't always use it. The reason behind this is that there is something called copyright. That means that if there is a photo that has a copyright you can't use it for your self. Unless you have permission from the owner of that picture of photo. There are different types of copyright, one of them allows you to use the photo but does not allow you to use it for commercial use. Another one allows you to do anything with the photo but you have to give the owner credit. These are all content licenses, and they all require attribution. You can use a share like which means that you can require a person who has your photo to use the same license as you.
Ways to solve these problems with finding pictures you like and not being able to use them do to the copyright license is, go to a website called flickr which you can change the settings to find a non copyrighted picture or just go to google and change the settings to what ever license you want.

 Activity 3
 A poem: Basketball

Basketballs are round

They make a lot of sound

They bounce real high

But they can't touch the sky

It is used to play a game

People can gain fame

Anyone can play

Any time of the day

Activity 4

In the middle of summer a whole plane of people was flying over Miami. Everybody was enjoying their flight that was going to Aruba. Every passenger was calm and there was no issues with anyone. After about half an hour the plane starts to have slight turbulence, everybody in the plane was fine, no one panicked. Then the turbulence started gradually rising. Suddenly the intercom and said everybody put you heads down and hold on to the seat in front of you, we are going to make a water landing. After that everybody on the plane heard a bang then a smash. Everybody on the plane was in pain and put on their life vests, a person looked out the window, water surrounding them for miles.

Activity 12



On flickr

Activity 5

Attribution: Car and Driver

Attribution: Clip art kid

Attribution: My tickets NYC

Activity 6

Attribution: Care 2

Attribution: YouTube

Attribution: Like success

Attribution: wikiHow

Attribution: Duffel Blog

Activity 7
Ryan's Slideshow

Activity 8
Attribution: Make Belief Comics

Week 6 esbc
 The things I enjoyed about blogs, where reading stories that people wrote on their blogs and looking at people's blogs from out of the country. I read stories about what people accomplished and what they did over the summer. The comments I left where about what they did and I asked more about the person. I learned cool facts about jobs and sports while I was reading other people's blogs. I really enjoyed commenting on other people's blogs.

This is really great because how you explained everything.
I really can relate to this because I have the same things.
This is really cool because I did the same thing.
You can change this because the punctuation is not correct.

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